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Advantages of wooden toys

Wooden toys feel better and are closer to nature. Wooden toys are generally lighter, feel good, easy to operate, and the price is relatively moderate. Pay attention to choosing good quality, especially without wooden thorns. In addition, when cleaning, wipe dry after scrubbing, which can prevent the wood from being damp, discolored, and deformed. The safety of the toy is the most important. Some wooden toys are hung on the crib or stroller with a rope, which is used for the baby to hold and play. If it is not strong, or the rope breaks when pulled, it will be very dangerous, so choose carefully. Pay special attention to the shape and size of the toy, because the baby likes to stuff everything into the mouth. If the toy is too small, it is easy to be stuffed into the mouth by the child, causing danger. Moreover, children like to throw toys on the ground to play, if the quality of the toy is too poor, it is easy to be broken, so choose sturdy wooden toys. When selecting, pay special attention to selecting products produced by regular manufacturers, so as to ensure that they are made of natural wood, not pressed with shavings; check whether the surface of the toy is very smooth and whether there are burrs; for wooden toys painted with colors or patterns , to see if the paint is non-toxic, and sometimes, try to pick the paint with your hands to see if it is easy to pick off. After careful selection, you can safely let your baby play.