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How can wooden ornaments prevent cracking

Wooden ornaments are like human skin. When the air is extremely dry, it will lose moisture and shrink, and the surface of the wood may crack. But when the relative humidity increases, the wood will absorb enough water to expand slightly to restore its original shape.

On the other hand, if there is no air conditioner and dehumidifier in the house, the relative humidity may be high, and the wooden part of the wooden ornament will be absorbed in the air and expand, but when the relative humidity in the room drops, it will return to its original state. However, the quality and sturdiness of wooden ornaments will not be reduced by these natural changes.

The placement of wooden ornaments should avoid direct sunlight, and do not use wooden ornaments when using heating and fireplace heating in winter to prevent the wooden ornaments from fading and cracking. Secondly, it is necessary to keep the room ventilated and dry, and do not let the wooden ornaments always be in a humid environment, so as to avoid mildew on the furniture. If the climate is particularly dry, you can spray some water on the wooden ornaments to prevent warping.In addition, do not use rough and sharp objects or liquids such as strong acids and alkalis to contact wooden ornaments. Lacquer watch for wooden ornaments must not be hot-scalded