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How to choose wooden crafts?

1. The splicing parts of ordinary log furniture are not treated with edge banding, so that the material of the furniture can be clearly seen. Consumers should have doubts about the treatment. the
2. To understand the difference between solid wood, log, solid wood, mahogany and other titles. Mahogany furniture mainly refers to furniture made of hardwoods such as rosewood, rosewood, ebony, gall wood, rosewood, and chicken wing wood. the
3. There is a saying that "flower pear water turns green overnight". Take a small piece of authentic Burmese, Vietnamese rosewood and Hainan rosewood furniture and put it in water, and the water will emit green fluorescence overnight. the

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4. In addition, consumers can also go through the professional furniture product quality responsibility appraisal and inspection center for appraisal, and can protect their rights through the appraisal and inspection center. the
5. When signing the purchase contract of mahogany furniture, it should be marked as "full mahogany furniture" or furniture with mahogany materials as the main components, and the manufacturer should provide data inspection certificates or reports. At the same time, merchants are required to indicate which type of mahogany (such as red sandalwood, fragrant branch wood, rosewood, etc.) Warranty certificate, quality inspection report, etc.