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Wooden Crafts Manufacturers

Various kinds of wooden crafts manufacturers are available in the market. They produce various kinds of wooden products, ranging from Wooden Gift Items to Wooden Statues and Wooden Toys. They are also available in online stores. The products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and quality. They also use various kinds of woods and tools for their manufacturing process.
The wooden handicrafts products are exported to various countries. They are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture APHIS. In addition, they are regulated by the Lacey Act which protects plants, animals and plants products. Importers of these products are required to submit a Lacey Act Declaration to the US Department of Agriculture.
The Lacey Act prevents importation of illegally harvested products. Importers can use third party verification schemes to verify that the products are sourced from legally harvested woods.

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The Lacey Act also regulates imports of plants, animals and plants products. The US Department of Agriculture APHIS publishes a final rule on this issue in 2012. APHIS has also published answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. In addition, APHIS has compiled a list of approved manufacturers of wooden handicrafts from China.
Wooden crafts manufacturers produce a wide range of wooden boxes, packaging boxes, wooden display items and wooden decorative items. These are designed according to international standards and are manufactured with high load-bearing capacity. They are also available in various shapes and sizes.
These crafts manufacturers are also specialized in manufacturing wooden holiday ornaments and DIY wooden crafts. Their products include Easter, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day wooden crafts.