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Wooden toys have a long history

Wooden toys refer to toys made of wood, bamboo and other natural materials or synthetic wood. Wooden toys, as the name implies, are made of natural wood. It is divided into: pure wooden toys, synthetic wooden toys, wooden auxiliary toys, etc.
It mainly includes children's wooden toys, children's building blocks, chess toys, jigsaw puzzles, educational toys, and other children's toys made of qualified wooden materials, which are environmentally friendly and durable and help children grow up.
The wooden toys of young children are usually made of natural solid wood, and the surface is often treated with unpainted or safe special water-based paint. Wooden toys in ancient times are single wooden toys. Modern wooden toys are all applied with different materials and processes to varying degrees, so as to achieve diversification and multifunction of toy functions.

In China, wooden toys have a longer history. In the famous Huarong Road in ancient times, when I was young, I always played. It is important to understand the role, skills and skills of each character. Later, wooden toy building blocks appeared. In the process of building building blocks, I understood the truth of architecture, and when building, I will not fall. If building is not scientific, I will fall. This may have developed many architectural designers. So, Toys are the intelligence teachers of human enlightenment. Children who play well will have outstanding intelligence, which also gives toy manufacturing enterprises the glorious responsibility.
Wooden toys generally have natural, abstract and artistic forms. The natural form shows the essence of toys and gives people comfort. The abstract form shows the intellectual factors of toys and gives people unlimited reverie. The artistic form shows the appreciation factors of toys and gives people a beautiful feeling. When a person is depressed, if he is appreciating a big, stupid toy, he will be more painful. At this time, when he is appreciating a toy that is bright in color, elegant in shape and looks happy, his mood will be greatly different.