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What are the requirements for raw materials for wood product processing?

Green environmental protection is the biggest issue in China, and it is the most urgent policy this year. Any industry that is linked to green can go a long time. The green environmental protection of food, the green environmental protection of the industry, the green environmental protection of the production industry, etc., in the product packaging industry, the green requirements for raw materials in the processing of wood products are gradually higher, and if the requirements and effects of green environmental protection can truly be achieved Woolen cloth? Whether it is paper packaging, iron box packaging or wooden box packaging, they are all closely related to green environmental protection. Wooden box packaging is green packaging. Let's take a look at the analysis below:
With the changing theme of the times, for one of the hottest topics in the 21st century, the proportion of 'environmental protection' in my country's urban solid waste is 15% by weight and 25% by volume. Based on this, the implementation of green packaging is an inevitable trend in the overall development of the world's packaging. Whoever realizes this first will be in the active position and invincible in the competition in the future world packaging market.

The green packaging of wood products processing should follow the following principles:
1. Implement packaging reduction. Green packaging should be moderate packaging with the least amount of use under the conditions of meeting the functions of protection, convenience, and sales. Europe and the United States and other countries have listed packaging reduction as the first choice for the development of harmless packaging.
2. The packaging should be easy to reuse or easy to recycle. The purpose of reuse is achieved through repeated use, or by recycling waste, producing recycled products, incinerating and utilizing heat energy, and composting to improve soil. It does not pollute the environment and can make full use of resources.
3. Packaging waste can be degraded and corrupted. In order not to form permanent garbage, non-recyclable packaging waste must be decomposed and decomposed, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the soil. Wood product processing All industrial countries in the world attach importance to the development of packaging materials that utilize biological or photodegradation.​​
4. Packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmless to human body and living things. Packaging materials should not contain toxic substances or the content of toxic substances should be controlled below the relevant standards.

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