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The development history of wood products

Wood is a very common architectural art material. Since ancient times, craftsmen and architects have classified wood according to its hardness, density, compressive strength and flexural strength to make different wood products. Wood product processing has become the most common craft in human life.
Wood product processing techniques are widely used in various fields. From the ancient ape-man period, ancient people used stones to polish wood into plates, bowls and other daily necessities. Later, simple houses were built using wood that was not easy to polish and had greater strength. With the development and evolution of human civilization, ceramics and bricks have replaced wood for construction, but wood products still play an important role in human life.
Wood is widely used in furniture such as wardrobes, tables, chairs, beds, decorations, etc. The wood was also made into boxes to hold some valuables. The old saying, buying caskets and returning pearls, is a joke made because the wooden boxes are too delicate.

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