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The important position of wood products processing

Wooden box packaging occupies a very important position in today's commodity world, and the famous futurist scholar and American lost about the loss - pro-Sbitt wrote in the book "Major Trends - Ten New Directions that Change Our Lives" The technology of the new age is not absolute, and its success in woodworking depends on the consequences of balancing technology and high emotion: he warns: once high technology and emotion are out of balance, there will be disturbing consequences. , and folk culture just played a balancing role in the computer society
The folk culture packaged in wooden boxes refers to the customary activities formed by the people of a nation under the long-term influence of traditional culture and traditional consciousness, and also includes various folk and folk art created by the people themselves, folk art, folk art deep Deeply rooted in the endless regional culture, wood products processing has the most national color and local affection, and also the most touching consumers' hearts. China is an ancient country with five thousand years of civilization, and it is also a Sochamp. Decorated countries, in each historical period, have left their decorative heritage with different styles; the original painted pottery patterns are simple and atmospheric: salmon patterns, fish patterns and swirl patterns that have been refined and summarized for a long time, full of vitality: packaging decoration in the Western Han Dynasty, with black, Red and gold three-color contrast, the whole packaging is elegant. The Tang Dynasty created the apex of the Chinese curly grass straight pattern. The rich and prosperous Tang Bi pattern has subtle and harmonious color changes; the packaging pattern of the Song Dynasty is characterized by graceful and beautiful: folk blue-and-white porcelain is decorated with improvised water calendar style. And the folk paper-cut, folk embroidery, folk woodblock song and other art forms that are directly enjoyed by the people are simple in shape and bright in color, forming the unique skills of traditional Chinese decoration.

In modern society, the market economy is becoming more and more mature, and various new products are emerging in an endless stream. With the widespread use of computer design, the processing and design of wood products is more convenient and faster, and the pattern of design and the simplification of programming tend to use folk customs. be enriched and enriched. Some immature young designers rely too much on the existing design materials and simply pile up the design requirements, resulting in the same design ideas and expression techniques. Absorb nutrients and find creative inspiration.

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