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What should be paid attention to in the wood carving process?

1. Treatment of nail holes
Strictly speaking, the treatment of nail holes belongs to the category of painters. As the saying goes, "Three parts of beauty, seven parts of dress." This sentence is more typical in woodworking. Now most of the decorations use reprocessed boards, and nails are used during construction. How to deal with these nail holes has become a prominent problem. This requires a very rigorous attitude to the color matching of putty, and try to make the color after color matching basically the same as the wood surface, so as to cover up these shortcomings. The same treatment also applies to the treatment of tree knots and tree scars.
2. Selection of plates
Selecting high-quality plates is the first factor in ensuring quality. This not only requires the selection of the quality of the sheet, but also requires strict selection of the suitability of the sheet. First of all, it is necessary to make the correct choice for the selection of the relevant parts of the board, for example, the board of the load-bearing parts such as bookshelves can choose the fine-core board. Secondly, the quality of the relevant plates must also be controlled. For example, the quality of fine-core boards is varied and far from it.

3. The choice of finishing technology
Different sheets require different finishing processes. For example, fine-grained solid wood and veneer, then varnishes can be used. For solid wood boards with poor texture or ordinary plywood surfaces without veneers, you need to use mixed oil. Also, conversely, if you use varnish, then you should choose solid wood or veneer with a better surface. And if you use mixed oil, you only need to use ordinary plates. The practice of using veneer and mixing oil can only be a waste of money.

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