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Cleaning of wooden ornaments

Wooden decorative ornaments generally give people a primitive and natural feeling, which is very attractive. However, compared with ordinary decorative ornaments, the cleaning and maintenance of wooden decorative ornaments is more complicated. So how should wood decoration be cleaned?
Once the wooden decorative ornaments get dusty, it is easy to look old, so scrubbing and cleaning are very important. Usually, according to whether the room is clean or not, the dust on the wooden decorative ornaments is often dusted off with a dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to show its natural beauty.
Appropriate: Wipe with a cotton towel containing wax or grease
If you find that the luster of the wooden decorative ornament is not good, you can use a brush to apply the glazing wax to the surface of the wooden decorative ornament, and wipe it with a rag for polishing. In addition, you can also use a cotton towel dipped in some walnut oil to gently wipe the surface of the wooden decorative ornaments to achieve the desired effect.
Do not: Wipe directly with a towel with water
Wooden decorative ornaments should not be wiped with a towel with water, which will make the wooden decorative ornaments too wet, but will not achieve the expected effect and destroy the natural texture and color of the wood.
Avoid: Use chemical solvents to remove stains
If there are stains on the surface of the wooden decorative ornament, do not rub it hard, or for convenience, directly pour chemicals on it and wipe it off. But this not only scratches the wax but also damages the decorative piece itself.
Maintenance of wooden decorative ornaments
Humidity and temperature should be suitable
A dry environment is a reminder for wooden decorative ornaments. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the indoor humidity. The methods to ensure humidity include: placing a humidifier, raising fish indoors, placing green plants, and letting the plants adjust the indoor air and humidity. However, you also need to be careful not to go too far. In a too humid environment, the wooden decorative pieces will become moldy.
Like people, wooden decorative ornaments are exposed to the sun and are prone to "heat stroke". Therefore, when placing them, you should consciously pay attention, especially not to place them in a place where the sun can shine.
Prevent squeezing and scratching
Wooden decorative ornaments shall be protected from vandalism. Put the wooden decorative ornaments in a display cabinet of moderate size, do not let the edge of the display cabinet squeeze the handicraft, so as not to damage the surface of the handicraft. When moving, be careful not to bump or drag the wooden decorative piece, but hold it with both hands and place it gently. In addition, when cleaning or taking things, you must be extra careful, and do not let hard objects scratch the wooden decorative ornaments.