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How to classify wooden handicrafts?

Classification of wooden handicrafts:
The selection of wooden handicrafts is soft and hard. Generally, soft wood is easy to carve, while rough and heavy wood is difficult to carve. The texture is fine, the wood is tough, and the color is beautiful. Hardwoods, such as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, almond, palm, etc., have all the advantages of carving, and wooden handicrafts are the best materials for carving. The more tactful and smooth the shape of wooden handicrafts is, the more sophisticated the structure, the more elegant the decoration, the more simple the temperament, the more ideal the effect of the direction of the wood grain, even unexpectedly beautiful, highly decorative, and also decorative, beautifying the environment, It cultivates temperament and is pleasing to the eye, so it has a high collection value. Wooden handicrafts are highly artistic. It is mainly based on relief techniques. The design adopts scatter perspective, bird's-eye perspective and other compositions. The layout is plump, scattered but not loose, numerous but not chaotic, clear layers, prominent themes, and strong storylines. Therefore, it is loved by collectors.

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