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What kind of wood are wooden crafts generally made of?

Wooden crafts are generally made of wood.
1. Wooden handicraft materials require dense materials, uniform structure, consistent color, easy engraving, smooth cutting surface, no cracks and no deformation.
2. Suitable wood species for wooden handicrafts are sycamore pine, white pine, larch, spruce, yew, ginkgo, cypress, torreya, boxwood, silk cotton, birch, walnut, teak, eucalyptus, camphor, nanmu, sky Elm, laurel, pear, black shell south, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, fragrant tree, plum tree, camellia, etc.

3. Wooden handicrafts require that the wood will not be corroded (rotted). In addition to paying attention to the selection of tree species, the key is to choose the tree species with the lowest moisture content to harvest wood in autumn and winter. Air drying or artificial drying can reduce the moisture content of wood by 10% (northern regions). Refers to the final storage, use rather than processing of handicrafts, the same below) or less than 15% (southern region). As long as you pay attention to these two points, the wood will not only not rot, but also will not deform and crack, so that it can remain in its original state.