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How to remove the smell of wooden puzzles

1. Put the wooden puzzle in a ventilated place, and put two basins of cold salt water, the smell will be removed in one to two days, you can also soak the onion in the basin, there are also
2. Effective.
3. Fill the container with cold water, then add an appropriate amount of vinegar, put it next to the ventilated puzzle, and open the door.
4. You can buy some pineapples, lemons and other fruits with fragrance, and put some in the puzzle box, which can not only absorb but also achieve the effect of emitting the fragrance of pineapples, and speed up the removal of peculiar smells.
5. Wet the puzzle with water, eat more than a dozen oranges, put the orange peel inside, turn on the ceramic heater, and steam to dry.
6. Spend a few dollars to buy a few packs of activated carbon and put them next to the puzzle, but this method takes longer and the activated carbon absorbs water.