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Assembling method of wooden three-dimensional puzzle toy

1. Online shopping model puzzle
Generally, look for the ones with high sales. For the first time, it is recommended to buy simple ones. Generally, one or two versions are better. You can gradually increase the difficulty each time.
2. Check out the wooden puzzle guide
For the purchased jigsaw puzzles, first of all, you must read the jigsaw puzzle guide clearly to determine whether the quantity and quality of the parts are in place. Pay special attention to whether each opening is in the groove, and see the corresponding point of each number in the puzzle. Then you can consider dismantling.
3. Dismantling
Find a larger space and tile each image. Make sure you can see every part, don't remove the parts one by one, just put them on the board.
4. Personalized operation.
At this time, you can use pencils to draw on the puzzle according to your personal preferences, personalized operation, and all kinds of graffiti masters can be prepared.
5. Puzzle steps
To start the real puzzle, follow the serial numbers of the guide to find the corresponding ones. Personally, it is recommended that the large modules be assembled first, and the small ones can be embedded naturally. Modules that do not fit in the groove can be polished with a hand knife and abrasive paper.
6. Color the puzzle
After the finished product comes out, friends who like to create by themselves can use paint to color the model.