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How to sterilize wooden toys

Toys are your baby's closest friend. Toys are often placed on the ground when babies play, and toys are likely to become "dens" for bacteria, viruses and parasites. Bacteriologists have determined that after sterilized toys are played with babies for 10 days, the number of bacterial colonies on plastic toys can reach 3163, on wooden toys 4934, and on fur toys as many as 21500. What a terrible number! It can be seen how important it is to clean and disinfect baby toys, and the method of disinfection should be determined according to the material of the toy. 1. Toys made of fur and cotton cloth: they can be placed in the sun for a few hours. 2. Wooden toys: can be washed with boiling soapy water. 3. Toys made of metal: you can scrub them with soapy water first, and then put them in the sun. 4. Plastic and rubber toys: can be soaked in 0.2% peracetic acid or 0.5% disinfectant for 1 hour, then rinsed with water and dried in the sun. Usually, it is necessary to cultivate the good habit of putting the toys away after the baby is finished playing. Parents should pay special attention not to let the baby put the toys in their mouths, and wash their hands after finishing. Mouth blowing toys are best played alone to prevent cross-infection of infectious diseases. I wish the baby grow up happily!