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How to maintain and clean wooden toys

Buy wooden toys and plastic toys, remember to clean them and wipe them quietly. It is best to disinfect them. Wooden toys are easy to turn black and mildew in a humid environment. When cleaning wooden toys, first use a clean Use a wet towel, gauze or handkerchief dipped in the bottle cleaning solution to wipe the surface of the wooden toy, then rinse with water, and finally wipe the water droplets on the surface of the wooden toy with a clean gauze or handkerchief.
When drying wooden toys, turn it over to prevent some of them from being exposed to the sun. Plastic toys are easier to clean, but when washing, you need to remove the parts inside, but you must ensure that they can be installed in the end. Look at the instructions. Come. The wood materials used by some inferior manufacturers (this is not something that ordinary people can identify) are highly absorbent and prone to moths, so it is best to keep them in the sun.