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The history of the music box
time Jul 15,2022
The music box was invented by the Swiss in 1796, and its pronunciation part consists of two parts: a drum and a reed. The music box is exquisitely crafted, and its clear and translucent sound quality brings wonderful enjoyment to people. Now the octave (box) has become a good gift for people to visit relatives and friends. To explain the term "music box", we must first clarify what "music box" is. There is such a record in ancient my country's "Three Character Classic": "Pao soil leather, wood, stone and gold. Silk and bamboo are eight tones." It can be seen that it is the collective name of ancient musical instruments, namely páo, soil, leather, wood, stone, gold, Eight types of silk and bamboo. Among the ancient musical instruments, sheng and yong belong to the class; xun, etc. belong to the soil class; drums, etc. belong to the leather class; wooden fish, etc. belong to the wood class; chimes, etc. belong to the stone class; bells, bells, etc. belong to the metal class; Class; tube, flute, flute, etc. belong to bamboo. It is not difficult to see that the claws, soil, leather, wood, stone, gold, silk and bamboo refer to the raw materials used in making musical instruments. These eight raw materials can be said to make all musical instruments. The "music box" is a definition that is both vivid and colorful. That is to say, this box includes the sound of all instruments, including the sound of all music, including the sound of all musical expressions. Later, music boxes that use perforated paper as a "musical score" and compressed air to pronounce, prompted the advent of the phonograph. In turn, it once led to the decline of the music box. Until the 1960s, Kido Ruijue and his wife from Switzerland, the birthplace of music boxes, regained the traditional family industry. The Ruijue company they founded is still the only company in the world that makes music boxes by hand. The first Shanghai Music Box Treasures Exhibition Hall displays more than 200 classic music box collections of different ages and types carefully selected by the Arashiyama Music Box Museum in Kyoto, Japan.
What music is suitable for music box
time Jul 07,2022
1. What are the functions of the music box The sound quality of the music box is special, which can bring people wonderful enjoyment, but the music in the music box needs to be re-arranged to make a score suitable for the music box and then make the movement. 2. So which music is suitable for music box? There are many music boxes on the market, ranging from classic world famous songs to popular music. If you don’t like it, you can customize it yourself. The music suitable for music boxes is mainly Have: 1. Classical music for piano. 2. Pure music or light music. 3. Music adapted from the animation soundtrack. 9. There are still many music suitable for music boxes. Generally, considering the cool sound quality of music boxes, it is better to choose some soft and soothing music tracks. 3. A collection of songs that are often heard Generally, the manufacturers of music boxes will have a music library, which contains some classic songs, which can often be heard in music boxes. The music that is often heard in music boxes mainly includes: 1. Canon: Music box music adapted from Pahaibel's original song, which sounds as pure as crystal. 2. To Alice: Beethoven's piano piece made in 1810 was also very popular after being adapted into music box music. 3. Castle in the Sky: It is the music adapted from the soundtrack of Hayao Miyazaki's classic animation. There are many scales in Castle in the Sky, and the sound of the music box just interprets many pianos. to the effect. 4. Wedding March: This piece by Mendelssohn is also often used in music boxes. 5. Music Box: It is a piano piece, with the melody of the piano, it does not sound like a happy feeling. 6. The lost child: The lost child is also a classic soundtrack in Hayao Miyazaki's animation "My Neighbor Totoro", which sounds a little sad and is suitable for listening on rainy days. There are many music suitable for music boxes. In addition to some classic songs, popular songs can also be recorded in it. If you are interested, you can also buy a hand-cranked music box. Make up your own score for the music box to play.
Cleaning of wooden ornaments
time Jul 01,2022
Wooden decorative ornaments generally give people a primitive and natural feeling, which is very attractive. However, compared with ordinary decorative ornaments, the cleaning and maintenance of wooden decorative ornaments is more complicated. So how should wood decoration be cleaned? Once the wooden decorative ornaments get dusty, it is easy to look old, so scrubbing and cleaning are very important. Usually, according to whether the room is clean or not, the dust on the wooden decorative ornaments is often dusted off with a dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to show its natural beauty. Appropriate: Wipe with a cotton towel containing wax or grease If you find that the luster of the wooden decorative ornament is not good, you can use a brush to apply the glazing wax to the surface of the wooden decorative ornament, and wipe it with a rag for polishing. In addition, you can also use a cotton towel dipped in some walnut oil to gently wipe the surface of the wooden decorative ornaments to achieve the desired effect. Do not: Wipe directly with a towel with water Wooden decorative ornaments should not be wiped with a towel with water, which will make the wooden decorative ornaments too wet, but will not achieve the expected effect and destroy the natural texture and color of the wood. Avoid: Use chemical solvents to remove stains If there are stains on the surface of the wooden decorative ornament, do not rub it hard, or for convenience, directly pour chemicals on it and wipe it off. But this not only scratches the wax but also damages the decorative piece itself. Maintenance of wooden decorative ornaments Humidity and temperature should be suitable A dry environment is a reminder for wooden decorative ornaments. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the indoor humidity. The methods to ensure humidity include: placing a humidifier, raising fish indoors, placing green plants, and letting the plants adjust the indoor air and humidity. However, you also need to be careful not to go too far. In a too humid environment, the wooden decorative pieces will become moldy. Like people, wooden decorative ornaments are exposed to the sun and are prone to "heat stroke". Therefore, when placing them, you should consciously pay attention, especially not to place them in a place where the sun can shine. Prevent squeezing and scratching Wooden decorative ornaments shall be protected from vandalism. Put the wooden decorative ornaments in a display cabinet of moderate size, do not let the edge of the display cabinet squeeze the handicraft, so as not to damage the surface of the handicraft. When moving, be careful not to bump or drag the wooden decorative piece, but hold it with both hands and place it gently. In addition, when cleaning or taking things, you must be extra careful, and do not let hard objects scratch the wooden decorative ornaments.
The unknown development trend of wooden crafts
time Jun 24,2022
With the development of the times and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the combination of culture and art. An industry that is low-key but endowed with the title of advocating individuality is gradually rising - handicrafts. Among them, wooden handicrafts are more popular and are widely used in the production of gifts, home decorations, garden products, etc. The increasingly mature wooden handicrafts keep improving and skilled in design, production and craftsmanship. Among the diversified designs, high-precision laser engraving stands out and is deeply loved by the majority of enterprises, thus helping more enterprises to enter this threshold, and extending more unexpected handicrafts from now on. Wooden handicrafts with a strong traditional national flavor are not only highly praised in the minds of the Chinese people, but also favored by foreign buyers, resulting in an increasing demand for wooden handicrafts in recent years. Among them, popular products with high cheers include miniature and cute root carvings, graceful and tall Buddha carvings, cups of special and rare woods, and exquisite and practical wooden keychains. In particular, Qi Zi's wooden combs are exquisite and practical, and are very popular. According to the survey results, business owners specializing in wooden handicrafts generally report that the export volume has greatly increased. This is due to the fact that wooden handicraft enterprises have racked their brains to continuously increase product research and development, design efforts and other measures to achieve such brilliant results. From the long-term development plan, the international market demand for wooden handicrafts is very broad. If there is no accident, the export of wooden handicraft products will also grow rapidly. Wooden crafts are common crafts in our lives now. If we want to add a touch of color to our new home, wooden crafts may be a very good choice. Wood is very beneficial to the human body, and many woods also have a certain role in purifying the air. Different crafts also have a variety of different production techniques and techniques. 1. Polishing method The surface of some wooden crafts is very shiny, but the material of wood is rough, and there is rarely such a smooth surface. This is a wooden handicraft processed using the polishing method. The steps of the polishing method are generally to burn the wood material to a charred black, and then use the polishing method to add different pigments. 2. Oxtail method Wooden crafts with stripes are very popular in the market, which is the result of using the oxtail method. The practice is generally to use a brush shaped like an oxtail to paint the surface of the wooden handicraft, and then quickly hit the surface of the wooden handicraft to form stripes on the surface. 3. Friction method The fashion world has the concept of being old and broken, and wood products often have this effect. Wooden handicrafts using the friction method will give people a sense of age. After the lacquer of the wooden crafts is dry, rub with different or uniform paints on different areas of the wooden crafts as needed to form a worn-out effect. 4. Fire smoke method Wooden handicrafts also pay attention to techniques and skills. The surface of many wooden handicrafts will have a blackened effect, as if they have been roasted by fire. In fact, this method is called the fire smoking method, which uses a small flame to smoke the surface of the wooden handicrafts to form a smoked effect. 5. Insect-eaten method According to our common sense, wood that has been eaten by insects cannot be used for processing. The same is true, but the method of simulating moth-eaten will be welcomed by the public. The practice of this method is to heat an iron nail, and then use a hammer to drive it into the wooden handicraft, imitating the way of the moth, and follow the grain of the wooden handicraft. But be careful not to overdo it, so as not to damage the wooden crafts. From ancient times to the present, wooden handicrafts have always been one of the Chinese people's favorite decorations. Chinese people have always preferred wood as a material. In addition to the rapid development of furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of China, wooden handicrafts have gradually become popular among Chinese people. occupies a small place in it. There are still many people who like to buy some wooden handicrafts when decorating their homes.
How to maintain wooden handicrafts
time Jun 16,2022
In order to protect the paint film from being scratched and to display the wood texture, the panels of the wooden handicrafts are generally placed on the countertop with a thick glass plate, and a small suction pad is used to separate the glass plate and the wooden countertop. It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal plates. Wooden handicrafts are generally used for a long time, so it is necessary to protect the surface coatings of wooden handicrafts frequently. It is best to wipe them with a little wax every three months, which not only increases the beauty of wooden handicrafts, but also protects the wood. To keep the wooden crafts neat and tidy, clean the dust with a clean gauze daily. Chemical brighteners should not be used to avoid stickiness and damage to the paint film. In order to maintain the brightness of the paint film of wooden handicrafts, the walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze. Avoid overturning of solvents such as alcohol and banana water. Otherwise, there will be "scars" on the surface of wooden crafts. When the surface of the wooden handicraft is stained with dirt, wash it with mild soapy water. After drying, wax it again to restore the original appearance, but do not wipe it with solvent-based liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, etc., otherwise it will be wiped. Remove the sheen of paint and lacquer from the surface. Walnut oil used to maintain wooden crafts is only suitable for unpainted, waxed wooden crafts. The frequency of use should not be too high. Generally, it can be used once every 2-3 months. In a relatively dry environment, the maintenance interval can be appropriately shortened, and maintenance is performed once a month or so. But be careful when using it. Oil has the property of vacuuming, and too much use will make dust adhere to it, resulting in a greasy feeling.
How to distinguish the pros and cons of wooden raw materials
time Jun 09,2022
Any piece of wooden craft is carved on wood, so as a carrier, the quality of raw materials determines the price of wood carving to a large extent. Different woods have vastly different prices, even if the same wood is taken from different locations of the trees, the prices will also be different. 1. The difference in material size Take the red rosewood that is popular in the current market as an example. The length and size of the material are different, and the price is also different. There is a big difference from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per ton. Because large materials can make larger handicrafts without splicing, and small materials have strong limitations, they can only engrave small pieces of handicrafts. 2. Scarcity of materials For the current woodcarving market, Hainan huanghuali and lobular red sandalwood are relatively scarce, so the price is vastly different from ordinary wood. Crafts carved from precious wood are collectible and have a relatively large appreciation space. The definition of price is generally relatively high. 3. The age of the wood When people collect wooden handicrafts, they are all looking for old materials, because the old materials have better material properties, and the wood properties are relatively stable, and there will be no cracking and deformation. The new material is relatively woody. Compared with the old material, the material is much worse, the density and grease are not as good as the old material, and the price is also lower than the old material. 4. Origin The same tree species, in different production areas, because of the difference in the growth environment, the quality of wood will also be different. This is because the soil environment is different and the climatic conditions are also different, resulting in different quality of wood, and the price in the market is also high and low.