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Talking about the art of wood products

Talking about wooden handicrafts, wooden handicrafts have a long history, and good handicrafts can reflect the ingenuity and ingenuity of the engraver. For people who collect handicrafts, collecting their favorite handicrafts can cultivate their sentiments, inject vitality into their busy space, and create a rich imagination space for themselves.
Wooden handicrafts are one of the art categories that people love and collect, occupying an important place in the history of Chinese art. There are many kinds of it, and the classification methods are not unified in all kinds of wood carvings, fully showing the three-dimensional beauty and craftsmanship created by the material and craftsmanship contained in it. According to experts, wood carving can be divided into two categories: craft wood carving and artistic wood carving.
The craft can be divided into ornamental and practical. Ornamental refers to the works of art displayed and displayed on the table, table, case and shelf for people to watch. It is carved by the technology of three-dimensional round carving, such as birds and beasts, flowers, birds, fish and insects, marine life, zodiac, etc.; Practicality refers to the works of art that are decorated with wood carving technology and combine practicality and art, such as palace lanterns, Frames, pen holders, pen holders, jewelry boxes, piggy banks and furniture engravings, etc.
Art woodcarving usually refers to works that are cleverly conceived, have profound connotations, can reflect the author's aesthetics and artistic skills, and fully reflect the interesting material beauty of woodcarving art. Art woodcarving is the product of sculptors' ingenuity, and it is also a work of art for decoration, decoration, beautification, and cultivating sentiments. It has high ornamental value and collection value. Such as our common root carving.