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Maintenance method of wooden storage box
time Dec 26,2022
1. Prevent excessive humidity (wet season). In spring and summer when there is a lot of rain, when cleaning solid wood furniture, you can use a clean soft cloth dipped in some furniture specific cleaner to rub it. The furniture specific cleaner can form a protective film on the surface of solid wood furniture, which can prevent excessive moisture from seeping into the interior of furniture to a certain extent; 2. Ventilation. After mopping the floor, pay attention to opening windows and ventilation to dry the water. In addition, you can put some dried orange peel in the wardrobe and storage cabinet; 3. Moisture absorption. Put some quicklime powder between the furniture and the ground Moisture absorption. At ordinary times, the solid wood furniture should be placed about 1cm away from the wall, so as to avoid excessive moisture absorption and mildew in wet seasons; 4. Keep moist (dry season). In autumn and winter, it is generally dry. At this time, we need to use a slightly wet soft cloth to gently wipe along the grain of the wood to prevent the cracking of solid wood furniture due to insufficient water content; 5. Avoid sunlight. Although the sunlight in autumn is not as strong as that in summer, it is still necessary to avoid direct sunlight. Due to the long time of sunshine and the relatively dry autumn, the wood will easily crack and fade locally; 6. Avoid scratching by hard objects. When cleaning, remember not to touch the furniture, so as to protect the surface of solid wood furniture from signs of hard injury and wire hanging, and pay attention not to let other sharp tools collide with the furniture at ordinary times; 7. Pay attention to dust prevention. Generally speaking, log furniture made of oak, walnut and other wood may have some carved decorations. If your furniture also has such decorations, you must remember to remove dust regularly, otherwise it will not only affect the beauty, but also make the wooden furniture easy to "age".
How to clean and maintain wooden decorative ornaments?
time Dec 16,2022
How to clean and maintain wooden decorative ornaments? Wooden ornaments will give people a primitive and natural feeling, so they are always very attractive. However, compared with ordinary decorative ornaments, wooden decorative ornaments are more complicated to clean and maintain. Wooden decor can look old when it gets dusty, so scrubbing and cleaning it is critical. It is recommended that you usually use cotton cloth or a feather duster to dust off the dust on the wooden decorations to show the beauty of nature according to whether the room is clean or not You can use a waxy or oily cotton towel to wipe it. If you find that the gloss of the wooden decorative ornaments is not good, you can use a brush to apply the glazing wax to the wooden decorative ornaments, and use a rag to wipe and polish it. Of course, you can also use a pure cotton towel dipped in some walnut kernel oil to wipe gently, and the desired effect can also be achieved. Be careful not to use a towel with water to wipe it directly. It is best not to use a towel with water to wipe the wooden decorative ornaments. color. Do not use chemical solvents to remove stains. If there are stains on the surface of wooden decorative ornaments, do not wipe them hard or splash chemicals directly for convenience. This will not only wipe them clean but also damage the decorative ornaments themselves. Appropriate temperature and humidity are needed, so the indoor humidity must be ensured. You can place a humidifier or raise fish indoors, or place green plants to let the plants adjust the indoor air and humidity. How to maintain wooden decorative ornaments should also prevent extrusion and scratches. Wooden ornaments are best placed in display cabinets of moderate size, and do not let the edges of the cabinet squeeze the ornaments.