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How to polish uneven wood ornaments with sandpaper
time May 20,2022
1. Usually, you need to draw the creative draft first, and then use the ink line to outline and enlarge it on the wood; 2. The rough blank is the foundation of the entire work. It summarizes the entire conception of the shape with concise geometric shapes. It is required to be layered, dynamic, proportional, and stable in the center of gravity. ; Chisel rough billets: from bottom to bottom, from front to back, from the surface to the inside, from shallow to deep, advancing layer by layer. When chiseling rough blanks, you should also pay attention to leaving room, just like cutting clothes, you should relax appropriately. The folk jargon says it well: "If you keep it big, you can change it to small, but it is difficult to restore fat if you are worried about barrenness. The inner distance should be small and not large. Remember that carving is subtraction." , and then gradually implement and shape the specific shape, leaving room for polishing. At this stage, the volume and lines of the work have become clear, so the knife skills are required to be fluent and smooth, with sufficient expressiveness; 3. Light repair: use fine carving and thin knife method to repair the knife marks in the fine blanks, so that the surface of the work is delicate and perfect. The knife traces are required to be clear and detailed, or smooth, straight, or rough, and strive to accurately express the intention of the work; 4. Grinding: According to the needs of the work, rub the wood carving with woodworking sandpaper of different thickness. It is required to use coarse sandpaper first, then fine sandpaper. It should be polished along the direction of the wood fibers until the desired effect; 5. Coloring and polishing: Use a stiff brush, a small stiff brush, and a coloring cylinder. Colored pigments generally refer to water-soluble, such as gouache, watercolor or leather shoe polish. They are characterized by small coverage and strong permeability. Acrylic paint for oil painting should not be used.